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My Scouting App – Scouting on the Go

From the first knot tied to their last hours of service performed, Scouts are on an adventure like no other. This app makes sure not a moment is missed by tracking advancement, milestone achievements and all the fun along the way.

my scouting pulls existing advancement data straight from your unit’s Scoutbook account and displays it in an easy-to-use, enhanced user interface. It’s even available offline!


my scouting app offers parents and youth the tools they need to take Scouting on the go. It pulls existing advancement data straight from Scoutbook to create an enhanced user experience. It’s easy to use and provides off-line access for camping nights, service hours, hiking miles and more.

It automatically syncs with the unit roster as registrations are posted to Piedmont Council, within 24 hours. This ensures that all Scouts and leaders are in the same official record for advancement reporting.

Adults not connected to their unit’s my scouting app will need to be invited by a Unit Admin. They can then log in to see their records. This will include the ability to add them to a den or patrol. They will also have access to training resources and can track their progress.

Offline Access

With a reliable offline access feature, users can reliably input data into systems when network connectivity is limited. This is especially useful for mobile workers whose workflow may take them to remote locations where network connectivity is unreliable or unavailable.

For example, a sales professional might need to look up pricing information on the fly, but cannot connect to the central system at work. With an offline access feature, the user can use a cached version of the data and update it later when they reconnect to the network.

Scouts can also view and maintain upcoming matches, scouting requests, shortlists, and player information even when offline. They can also add notes to players which will synchronize when they get back online. This helps them to be more productive when scouting out-of-town matches.

Training Tracking

Scouts can track their individual advancement progress with the most robust achievement tracking in the BSA. The app also includes a photo album and can record event attendance and registration assistance requests.

Parents and youth can communicate with leaders using a chat feature. They can share calendar events with family and friends. The app can sync with other apps, such as Google Calendar or iCal. It can also keep track of payments and fees.

This official BSA app helps leaders facilitate the Scouting program. It has a refreshed look and many new features. It is available for Android devices running 4.4 KitKat or higher and iPhones and iPads with iOS 9.0 or higher. Search for “myScouting” in your device’s app store to download it today.


Using the calendar feature, parents can easily see what their Scout’s upcoming events are, making it easy for families to plan their schedule. This is especially helpful for those who have to commute to and from Scouting activities.

Each personal, course, and group calendar is identified by a unique color that populates within the calendar view. When a colored box is checked, events associated with that calendar display in the calendar view. Unchecked boxes disappear from the calendar view.

When viewing the calendar, times for events display in the user’s time zone as set by their device. This helps ensure that reminder e-mails are sent at the correct time. This is also a great way to help Scouts keep track of advancement requirements. The myScouting app has a number of other features that make it a great tool for both parents and Scouts.


Create a new adhoc scouting report from the blue Add button in the bottom right-hand corner. Input a Farm/Organization, Field Name and Observation. You can also choose a Geo marker to set your location.

When you are logged in, your scouting reports will populate in the In-progress section of your scouting report page. You can select a report from here and continue working on it or delete it.

Unit leaders, Charter Organization Representatives, Committee Advancement Coordinators and Scoutbook Admins have access to a variety of reports in Scoutbook. These reports include Activity Logs, Attendance Reports, Board of Review reports and Individual Advancement reports for purchasing in the Scout Shop. Easily search, sort and filter these reports. The reports are also exportable to CSV.

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