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My Scouting – Scouting on the Go

From knot tying to hours of service performed, Scouting is a journey like no other. my scouting allows youth and their parents to track advancement in Cub Scouting, Boy Scouting, and Venturing programs anywhere they have access to the internet.

You can also use my scouting to access your Unit’s calendar, take leadership training including Youth Protection Training, and more!

Track your Scout’s journey

With this BSA-developed app, leaders can track the many details of their Scouting activities in real time, wherever and whenever they’re on the go. It’s the perfect companion for your next adventure and helps you do the job of a field scout with the convenience of a mobile device.

Scouts and parents can track their advancement from Tiger through Eagle Scout with this web app. They can also find resources and connect with others. It’s the official tracking system of the BSA and keeps units in compliance with Internet Advancement reporting requirements.

Before a parent can use the myScouting app, they must have an existing Parent Scoutbook account that is connected to their fully registered Scout in Scoutbook. This link is visible on the Scout’s Roster and will have a note saying they were imported from Member Update. If the link is not visible, click the invitation button on the Scout’s Connections Page and follow instructions to invite them.

Manage your Unit

All Scouts and Leaders will automatically sync into your Unit roster once they have been registered by Piedmont Council. This takes about 24 hours. They can be assigned to Dens or Patrols from your dashboard by clicking Add a Den or Add a Patrol and giving it a name (e.g. Lions 1, Scorpion). The words “Den” or “Patrol” will be appended to the name by the system.

If you wish for the parent to be able to approve advancements, you need to define them as a leader or committee member in Scoutbook and give them Edit Advancement permission (see the separate guide). This is irrevocable and permanent, so it is best to do it when they are first added to your roster.

My scouting will sync your Unit’s calendar so that you can view upcoming events in the mobile application or in 3rd party apps like Google Calendar. You can subscribe to the calendar by clicking on the red Sync link in the dashboard.

Access your Unit’s calendar

A centralized calendar makes it easy for Scouts and parents to keep track of events. The my scouting app automatically updates to display Scouting events for your Pack, Troop, Den or Patrol. Events will be displayed on the Calendar page and can also be viewed in the Upcoming section of the Dashboard.

Parents and Scouts may click the Calendar Event link in an invitation to report if they are planning to attend (by default, invitees are set to Maybe). They can also update their RSVP status in the form of a comment or select Yes or No. The Calendar Event creator, committee secretary, Key 3, or Unit Admin will be able to see these comments in the my scouting app.

my scouting is BSA’s official app that helps units manage their program, including tracking Scout advancement and providing a one-stop tool for families to connect with Scouting. If your unit is not yet using my scouting, learn how to get started.

Communicate with your Unit

Sync your Unit calendars in the my scouting app to be aware of all of upcoming events. The my scouting app also includes a searchable map of the Piedmont Council that can be used to find activities in your area.

To send email messages to leaders and parents in your unit’s roster, click the Send Message button on your dashboard. To send text messages select those with a small phone icon in their profile who have activated their ability to receive them. Those recipients will only show up in the Send Message list if their parents have invited them to have an email account in Scoutbook.

The my scouting app is the official BSA app for tracking advancement, milestone achievements and all of the fun along the way. If your pack, troop, crew or ship isn’t using it yet, get started today! It’s free for both Android and iOS devices. Adult leaders can access my scouting to complete their national background check, Youth Protection Training* and register for leadership positions in their unit.

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